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Type: Classic Spirits

Aged a Minimum of 5 Years
750 ML • 50% ALC./VOL.

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Right up front, Moon Drops Bourbon gives you caramel and vanilla in a complex introduction. Next come notes of cocoa/chocolate, with smoke in the body. The finish brings rye spice, nuts, and caramel. While this bourbon is perfect neat or over a large rock of ice, its heavy rye mash bill also lends itself to delicious cocktaillike a world-class Old Fashioned or marvelous Manhattan.



What's Happening at Moon Drops Distillery:

The Single Barrel Bourbon is a unique line of its own. While searching for barrels that meet the qualifications for our Small Batch Bourbon, we find a barrel that is extra special. These single barrels are proofed to 100 and are perfect for sipping neat or with a large ice cube.
06/28/21 -


Crafted from the highest quality molasses available, our rum passes through a uniquely designed hybrid pot still to deliver a refreshing punch to your favorite cocktails. No sugar, no additives—just the light, clean taste of rum done right.
While our house bourbon is aging to perfection, we’ve searched high and low for the best products to quench your thirst for a superior whiskey. Made from the highest quality grains in the heart of Indiana, we’re confident we’ve found the perfect sip for any day of the week.
06/15/21 -


Fully distilled from non-GMO grain, premium grade spirit, our vodka is passed through a custom-built charcoal filtration process to produce a crisp, clean spirit that tastes as pure as its origins.