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Delicious classic spirits and blended moonshine that bring people together.

Classic Spirits

The holy grail of our humble beginnings, Moon Drops Distillery’s classic spirits are the tried-and-true recipes that brought our unwavering vision to life.


While our house bourbon is aging to perfection, we’ve searched high and low for the best products to quench your thirst for a superior whiskey. Made from the highest quality grains in the heart of Indiana, we’re confident we’ve found the perfect sip for any day of the week.
Recipes & More of Bourbon


Fully distilled from non-GMO grain, premium grade spirit, our vodka is passed through a custom-built charcoal filtration process to produce a crisp, clean spirit that tastes as pure as its origins.
Recipes & More of Vodka


Crafted from the highest quality molasses available, our rum passes through a uniquely designed hybrid pot still to deliver a refreshing punch to your favorite cocktails. No sugar, no additives—just the light, clean taste of rum done right.
Recipes & More of Rum

Bonfire Blends

From tailgates to concerts and everything in between, Moon Drops Distillery’s Bonfire Blends Moonshine spirits with natural ingredients are perfect for a sip or a shot.