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Here’s what people are saying about Moon Drops Distillery:

08/10/22 -

We Distilled our first drop of alcohol on 6-10-2021 We sold our first bottle on 11-10-2021 We were placed on the shelves at our 200th store just a few weeks back. We will open our doors to the public some where around Mid October. Its time for us to start planning that moment when we invite you all in to our very special place. We are going to need a very important person to help us continue our growth. Our Tasting Room Manager. This person must have experience in bar...
At Moon Drops, we’re proud that our product is Made in America from grain to glass, right here in Fortville, Indiana. When we launched Moon Drops, it was right before COVID-19 hit. And when the pandemic shut down manufacturing, we knew supporting the economy was more important than ever. So that’s what we did. Throughout our journey we have dedicated our efforts to making sure that everything about Moon Drops kept local businesses strong and increased domestic job growth. For starters, Big Mama – our 14-foot tall, copper still –...